• impeccableshivansh 10w

    Our Society

    When roads were still the same
    And time was changing its game
    the story is not ages old
    it is of now where we all are free but we are being controlled
    it's not bewildering that we are still not independent
    We all are still bearing the shackles, it is the society on which we are still dependent
    I am aware of an instance which shook me from deep inside
    I would like to to share today that where this society finds its Esteem and Pride
    it is about him who never uttered something, wasn't that loud
    was different didn't like walking in crowd
    showed interest in nothing but it was his eyes which always Shined
    was he petrified about something?
    I doubted was he carrying Secrets in his mind
    he never showed what he contained
    but who knew the ambitions of him to fly through the sky would be atrociously strained
    yes there was dreams ,Desires and a life inside him
    and now his thoughts his fears and melancholy was flooding up to brim
    he finally decided to follow his aspirations gathered every ounce of courage to walk through his own direction
    he did a mistake as he thought he is free to choose a life which he wanted to live
    but how can other stop judging it was in return their compliments they gave
    his passion his choices was rejected by many
    people again succeeded to continue their tranny
    How barbaricly some one's last stand of hope they tore
    his courage his intellect all drained out
    now he was broken through his every pour
    he gave up finally
    he didn't survived and people are still beset
    i want to greet our society yes you lost another asset......