• apoorvasahu 30w

    A voyage of love -From never to forever coast #34

    I returned to my phone. It was unknown number, but I felt that I have seen this number before also.
    "Oh! It's Garvit " I spoke at once.
    I didn't pick up the call.
    A new message :
    " Please pick up the call " Garvit's text.
    I thought not to. He called again.
    A new message :
    "Just for a minute. I want to ask something."
    He called once more. This time I picked up the call.
    " Hello" Garvit said
    " No words" I
    "Hello Naina " Garvit spoke.
    " No words" I
    "Naina are you there? " Garvit.
    "Hmm" I said.
    "How are you?" Garvit in soft voice.
    " This you wanted to ask" I replied.
    " No,no actually " Garvit said
    " What? " I said little louder.
    "Why you looked upset? " he asked.
    " No, when did I look upset? " I said.
    "I observed you, you looked sad" Garvit told.
    "I m fine, who told you that I m upset? " I sounded rude.
    "OK! I just wanted to know "Garvit replied.
    " Take care, Good night " he hung the call before I could say anything.
    " Why he disconnected the call? Is he stupid? Calling and disconnecting then" I talked to myself.
    I was so heartless that I didn't figure out the reason.
    "Have I hurt him? " I asked myself.
    What do you think? Is he hurt?