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    "Hey David, how are you?
    Doctor is free today. Both of you can come today for checkup. Please reach before lunch". Voice message ends.

    "Honey! We are going for check-up. Get ready", David calls Cinthia, his pregnant wife. David and Cinthia are excited for their first child. But Cinthia feels more weight than normal pregnant ladies with her at the meditation centre, even when she is 7 months pregnant. This made them nervous, so they thought of consultation.

    When they reached the hospital, what they saw as ultrasound images was really beautiful.

    "Cinthia, you're so lucky. You've got twins inside your womb", said the doctor. That statement drove her crazy with happiness. She got out of the room and told David, "You're going to be a dad of not one but two kids. Congrats to us!"

    David was so happy. He hugged Cinthia and thanked doctor for her consultations. He called his mom to come soon as Cinthia was in her most delicate time and she needed much more care now.

    They drove back to home happily.....

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    1. Congrats !

    How should I start this beautiful story?
    This question came to my mind many times. But let's start from the earliest, the first day when both the sisters got recognised. They were together, always together.

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