• bvnaveen 6w

    To my love

    Hii yaar this is for u
    I just wanted to let you know
    How much u mean to me
    And how lucky I am to have you in my life
    I'm amazed when I look at you in ur profile
    Your smile makes my heart skip a beat☺
    And the sound of your voice i just want listen
    When I listen ur voice gives me buffterflies
    You changed my life without even trying.
    When I talk to you,my Dag gets a whole lot better.
    I may not be your firstlove
    But I want to be your last
    I don't want to text you
    I don't want to call you
    I wan't to be in ur arms
    Hold your hand
    Feel your breath
    Hear your heart
    I want to be with you
    I know I'm not perfect
    I'llannoy you
    Piss you off
    Say stupid things then take it all back
    But put that allside
    And you'll never find someone who cares or loves you more than me
    I promise to support you in whatever you do
    I will always be your side
    You make me feel alive
    I am so glad to met you
    And just want to say......