• a__soul 36w

    The voice inside my head
    Screaming out loud
    "Dream a little
    Leave spark wherever you go"
    In that moment
    I experienced the euphoria
    of hope for a moment.
    My heart tighten.
    Crumbling pain in my chest.
    The room spun around me.
    A tear ran down my cheek.
    The photo frame
    slipped from my hands.
    The glass shattered.
    Tiny little pieces on the floor.
    Uneven pieces
    illuminating glistening
    shinning light
    Like Crystals
    I looked away
    Swallow back the sob that
    wanted to escape.
    I'll never get free
    It's not the first time
    I have gone through this
    If only I could
    I would feel nothing.
    Maybe sail out to sea
    But not sure
    How far I'll go