• _infiknightian_5 10w

    Imagine that the part of Universe
    denying to accept the night,
    Trying to hide it from the cycle of time
    Coz day with mighty sunshine,
    appears with colours and light,
    Getting bunch of appreciation
    by the ones seeking
    Energy and warmth..
    Majority of them failed to
    mention the night coz
    colours are miles and miles
    away from sight...
    Imagine the left-out night
    Crying hard
    for not been chosen
    Crying hard
    With all its twinkling stars
    and soothing moon
    Dropping teary stardust all around...
    Now come to the real world..
    No you don't do that to the night
    Rather you feel pleased to have it alright
    But you always hide
    your darker side
    Prefer to show the one
    carrying the pride