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    Step by step,

    One by one I've climbed these stairs faithfully.
    I fall upon tired knees within this vessel You gave to me years ago.
    I've wavered a few times I shall not lie, yet I did not stay.
    I am a very optimistic person my Lord, please hear my plea as I am here upon my knees before you.
    Keep me strong to fight this battle.
    Let my voice be heard, let the innocent be protected.
    Let justice no longer be blinded.
    Let those who have done wrong be prosecuted for their crimes.

    I am here now hear my voice for my secrets are ready to be exposed.
    Step by step, one by one
    You have guided me through the stars, the Galaxies to become who I am today.
    Please, hear my pleas, as I fall upon these tired knees within this vessel.
    Help me fight this battle, Almighty One.
    Hear my voice, as I cry out and fight for the injustice;
    Hear my voice, as I cry out and fight for the innocents, for my Spirit is true, genuine and yours. 

    *Step by Step*

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    Step by Step

    'No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.' -Helen Keller