• doing_it_in_silence 6w


    My mind was trapped in a maze
    collecting the rare pieces of gem,
    Thought I could compare.
    But ah__
    Her worth was
    Beyond everything
    she surpassed all the
    Earthly treasures.

    She reminds me
    of a preserved wine,
    Of a cool breeze in summer,
    Of a warm hearth in winter,
    Of a cheerleader.
    Like a box of mystery...
    Dared to open but
    turned out to be the greatest gift.

    She has been through
    Raging storms,
    They strike often but
    Not enough to defeat her.
    Her baggage weighs a lot
    Singlehandedly...she handles them.
    She portrays a perfect "Her"
    One could ever ask for.