• moonlightlover_ 10w

    In a night sky you're my bright star
    Flyin around hold me tight gonna wreck the galaxy to stay by your side as this is what i want.

    I'm on my way to light year just going looking at the shimmering stars constantly revive my all scars
    Blowing wind being so cold fades the emptiness
    I behold the mellow music reaching my ears gives me spirit to wipe my tears .

    Stains on the moon but still it glows inspire me to love my flaws let me discover myself and my goals
    All that I love and pacify my soul it feels like everything is right and now I'm ready to fight.

    The night today is so beautiful and bright all because of the showers of moonlight and if you are to love love like the moon loves it only unveils the beauty of the dark night.

    At night when the moon light I'm walking along just to breathe you are moonlight I'm the who's a moonlightlover togetherness is our dream


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