• drearyeuphoria 46w

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    One morning, I woke up
    Seemingly by your arms
    Held on tight, keeping you safe
    We kissed, you smiled.

    A sigh of relief, perhaps
    It was a rather fresh start
    Everything about you
    Was just perfect.

    Lips, those rosy lips
    It made me feel, your warmth
    Your flaws, your past
    You and your true self.

    Those eyes, irresistible eyes
    It told me lies
    But rather I was driven,
    By its gleaming glow.

    And who could forget
    That brazen smile of yours
    Felt like it was only yesterday
    When we first laid each other's eyes.

    I was blessed, with everything
    Not just any other, but you
    I was the question
    You were my answer

    And a sigh of relief
    As I woke up, this time
    There was none, oh wait
    What was all this?

    It was all a concept of fantasy...