• mitch5815 10w

    (How anger works)

    So you're back for a rematch. You'll never win. Because you're weak. I'm not the one. I've beaten you like the weak you are before. You crawled around my stomach for many a day. I snuffed you out. Surviving you is what I do. Jesus got angry in the temple and cleared the money takers tables and later defeated death itself. Then Maliki grabbed an angel by the tail and got a little bit more. So cancer, I'm the one who knows how anger works. You've been up to no good. I feel you under my left eye dancing and twisting my optic nerve, I curled up in fear for a minute. You get that win. Now I'm angry and now it's a throwdown you'll never win. Cause you don't know how to fight and bye the way I know how to.