• anshula 50w

    To you, from me

    A cliche title, I know. But you are aware of my love for cliche.Just like you're aware of my feelings for you. Or perhaps not. Maybe you flaunt your flavors of the months in front of me because you want me to be jealous. Or maybe you are just oblivious to the fact that I hate every single one of them. Anyways, this isn't to talk about them. This is about us, or me specifically. I am not waiting around for you,not anymore. I have spent a long time hoping you'd see me, actually see ME, not as the girl you go to for notes and projects but as the girl you'd like to date. But that hope is dwindling and this possibility gets bleaker with every passing day. So, before my heart gets too immersed in this melodramatic one-sided love story, I am stopping it right here,wherever it is.I am severing my ties with you before they bind so tight that I can never get free of them.
    Sorry, I can't come to the trip this Sunday that you have been planning for weeks; also please find another partner for your Geography project. And no, you may not have another one of my choco cookies. Petty? Maybe. But this is the only way I know.
    If you don't see this and are surprised at my behaviour in the coming days, I hope you become angry and stop talking to me. Maybe, that would help cutting you off because as long as I am close to you, I won't be able to move on.
    Not yours