• warriorpoet 23w


    the problem with the rich is that they don't know when to fucking stop. they've made their fortunes. and their forever on top.

    their children's grandchildren will want for not. because they own it all. where you work, live and shop.

    and most didn't get it by earning their spot. because their opportunities were fucking bought. and yet they steal from the have nots.

    god forbid they give the underdogs a fair fucking shot. the poor suckers, who think that hard work and honesty are mainstays. and playing the angles are the furthest thing from their thoughts.

    but these good people never come out on top. because their not willing to wade through the slop. and don't know to look when someone's guards drop.

    the majority of my family is cut from this humble crop. thankfully i am fucking not. for their goodwill is not a prop.

    and I won't let anyone take what they got. because I see the angles. and I'm more then willing to bleed, so that the'll keep their spots.

    and when I make enough money to cover me and mine. I only hope I have the courage to fucking stop.