• deepanshu_k 5w

    People and situation just change..parallely or diffrently. Learn dealing them keeping head in stable state.
    #Love yourself
    #Fight for yourself

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    This Was Not Us

    Stood up and opened up eyes,
    All over my vision..there was emptiness and lies.
    I felt someone beside,
    Like a dream..it was gone the other nights.
    Promises of eternity,
    Couldn't keep them in life.
    Being a sober..you're my only addiction,
    The space then filled in different directions.
    Asked you..if I'm boredom,
    Replied thinking me a perfect dumb.
    We never were on same page,
    Just because of your rage.
    You went through a very phase,
    Me sobbing there was complete disgrace.
    And then..tenderness shifted to denials,
    Led out paths to making us the worst desires.