• mariko 10w


    One heart, two interests
    One body, two minds
    One decision, two options
    But the conclusion I have yet to find

    Confusion and confliction
    Love and irritation
    Compare and contrast
    Who can I turn to in a time of desperation?

    My strengths but my weaknesses
    Our future but our past
    Your rejection but your acceptance
    How do I make these moments last?

    Come closer yet keep very far
    I want you to look yet I look away
    Once was short yet once was tall
    I cannot comprehend why I keep putting myself in such disarray

    Ignoring reality
    Maintaining morality
    Growing to maturity
    We all keep trying to build our spirituality

    But careful can be careless
    And beauty can be ugly
    A whisper can be loud
    So I keep searching for answers inside of me

    I want to reach my real goals in life
    I wish to reach it with both of you
    I yearn to finally find my answer
    I hope you will accept me and listen carefully when I do