• girlwiththereddoor 30w


    It's a goodbye, at last. Goodbye to all the memories we knitted throughout the winters, babe. Quarrelling over to remember the date we stayed together. You say, it was the month of December, while I think it's November.

    I love to drink whiskey. The strong aroma, the taste blended with the buds, the colour. It mesmerises me. You, an alcoholic. We were never supposed to be, babe. Drinking to that night, was a bad decision after all. I keep reminiscing those moments to realize that reality has took over. I feel wasted now, babe.

    I pushed you away, I know. I didn't like it and somehow it hurts, babe. I don't want the aches, when there's nothing left. But, why are we so broken? Helplessly, shards of tears pervade me. The mornings are calm now. Do you still crave the wilderness? I know, babe I hurt you. I shouldn't have pushed you away like that, true.

    But, you don't understand. Understand that I can't be your last resort. I can't be your second, but I could be your last. I can't be used for fun, but I could be your fun. I can't wait for you when you're with someone else, I will when you wait for me as well. I can't date you, if you're not my beau.

    Times like this, where fate doesn't win. The Ego won. You're right, babe. My Ego has won after all. It's goodbye, after all. You didn't respect me, but I did. I left because I can't trade my ego with you.
    Life. Life's harder. Time. Time is a bitch. I can't deal anymore, babe. I am too tired. I know, my absence stings and so does yours. But, maybe we were not meant to be. Good times, thus be.

    I am sorry, babe. I have to go, even if I don't show.
    Goodbye, babe.