• tanisha_singh 23w

    With you only my Love

    To live and love with you one and forever..
    To be near you, so that I can embrace you..
    To be by your side so that I can adore you..
    To hold you close every night and waking up each morning with you..
    To understand and respect you... Accepting you what you are.. ❤
    To care for you when you're sick, to laugh and little joyful with you..
    To lay beside you so that I can touch you..
    To spend rest of my time with you..
    To raise a kid, and make him like you..
    To be with you in every seasons, you are my sunshine you are my happiness..
    To cuddling to caressing you in the cold..
    I just want these all things with you.. Because I see you in today and tomorrow as well..
    To you only my.. ❤☀