• stevenlgoosby 5w

    Message in the Newspaper

    I was born hard so hard misjudged by my peers bump my head quite a few times as
    a youth over the years. Learned alot of tough
    lessons I don't say it with a smile, maybe it's
    the 9's in my birth that left me here for a while
    I'm out place with my galaxy and the signs ain't fair,I suffered pain strugglen blues how dare you snare.If you take all that I have and I allow
    It. I guess you do what you choose.I seen a blind
    man the other day he said say me a tune,I told him God means well he will see you soon
    he shook his head with a frown then he puffed his jewel.On top of his head was a crown pictures in black and white,I walked of
    with a thought then said goodbye.

    The story never ends as I grow in this world
    even the women scared with tarnish yet they
    still hide their pearls,I guess the moons off
    balance with the earth's olden ways and the
    Channels that I'm flipping are of the golden
    days.I sprung foward like the seasos and I'm
    still not fully bloomed although the sun rays
    burn my heart tenders around June.