• shaazah 10w


    Finding our passion is the most important thing in our life;
    Because it only makes you who you are;

    #Believe yourself that you're capable for all things ;
    # Live your life through your heart;
    # Overcome your fears,
    # Face challenges then only your life should be fulfilled ,
    # Just thankful to god that you're alive;
    # Write all your good feelings and bad feelings to get you back with bang;
    # Go deeper , keep on practising, with the things which is impossible for you ;
    # But don't give up ,
    # If you feel frustration about anything just give a break , and start your new day with freshness ;
    # Don't take things seriously, let life take care of itself, you just enjoy the ride of it;
    # If you're in struggle , close your eyes & imagine your inner voice will support you ;
    # Do meditation to connect your heart regularly ;
    # Meditation can change your heart,brain for the better ;
    # Our happiness is ultimately our responsibility....
    # Figure out everything and make your life precious And valuable....!

    By Zahetha Rahim....