• naadu_ 9w

    Rape is treacherous,inhuman and not funny #rape #endrape @mirakee

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    My world keeps crushing down
    I feel very dirty no matter the number of times
    I take my bath , no matter how hard I try to stop my tears, they flow like a stream.
    Every single tear squeezed out of my wild eyes tastes salty just like how I feel
    My bloodshot eyes and puffy eyelids have made me look wild and terrible

    Endless questions keep rushing through my thoughts.
    I keep asking myself why you choose me to satisfy your deadly lust;
    Is being a girl worth it?
    Why do you have do this to me?
    Oh you are such a wicked soul!
    What if I were your daughter,sister or mother, would you have still done this?
    What did I do to you to deserve such a treatment from you?

    You should have just listened to the twelve year old pleading with you to spare her little coochie
    And even how she was struggling to free her tiny body from your huge arms should have been a sign registry her protest.
    But your cruel heart wouldn’t let her go!
    You struggled with her until you ended up devouring her like an unripe mango.
    You silenced her after damaging her life with a threat of making her already miserable life a living hell if anyone gets to know you did that to her

    You should be ashamed of yourself
    Now you have turn a beautiful heart into stone
    Maybe she’s going to live the rest of her as an androphobian because of you.

    Now all I can do for myself is cry and force myself to sleep
    Yes! force myself to sleep because my thoughts wouldn’t let me sleep or
    Did you rape my head too?
    I pray someday I find the voice to speak up and fight for justice for other girls like me