• heavymetalkiss 5w

    The Choice

    God gave us life because he wants good people in his presence. He didn't put us here to be ugly or violent to one another.. He wanted us to live like the Native Americans! With love & attachment to nature. do you know how much they love our creator?? They enjoyed life freely & appreciated the beauty he put here for us. Now we work our ass off for something we can't even enjoy because we're too busy working..we pay for light & water when it comes freely from him.. We are slaves working for pennies in a world that has brought fourth nothing but fear death & chaos. This is not what he wants for us & he is ready to stop all the children from sufferring at our very hands. He has been watching & waiting to see who his soldiers are who will gather & wake the masses so he can take his people back. The signs are here..its time to get right with our creator & prepare for the coming of these soldiers..for evil has no chance in HELL for what is coming! choose your destiny wisely..