• anagha_ 9w

    Is it okay to be alone sometimes in life?

    Im a sad person. Socially awkward person. There's nobody in life i could relay on except my family.
    What triggers my melancholy is that in college im a loner . A lone bird . A bird which has no voice. I dont know im nice as fuck still i have no friends. Maybe because im too nice.. so people think that im fake.. maybe im pretending to be nice?
    I always walk alone.. i feel sad.. i feel like i need someone to talk to in real life
    I have no friends.. nobody gives me a importance.. in college.. . is it normal to be alone sometimes in life?
    Should i learn to enjoy my own company?

    Understand im not looking here for friends or to pm me.. but was just venting why im so alone in life! Just want people to know that such a person like me exist in this cruel world of humans..