• wolfa_x5 36w

    We watch.

    Our parents tell us about the popular one everyone aspires to be and that we should be our own selves. We do what our parents tell us but we let others fall into that trap.
    That small begger down your street that desperately tries to get money selling daisy chains and small bunches of flowers you give money to everyday but others laugh and call her names.
    That little boy who is always alone you gave him your old toys but everyone still teases him and he has no one to share his toys with.
    We take care of ourselves but we give bare minimum to others. The next time someone aspires to be someone there not stop them tell them what your parents told you. Next time someone calls someone less fortunate a name or laughs at them confront them, teach them a lesson of kindness. Next time that little boy is alone dont just give him toys. Play with him tell the other kids to stop teasing him. Make him feel wanted by others.
    Next time dont watch.