• auree529 5w


    I want to be sad
    and cry in my bed for being so foolish for letting
    him in my head
    in my heart
    Fast, immeidat, from the start
    I believe too easily...
    I am not out here lying
    held up or questioning
    begging someones pardon
    I want to be sad
    stay in a dark room, sad love songs playing
    keeping me in the mood - of
    let down, not surprised again & again
    why couldn't it have been him?
    I want it so bad. I'm open and true every time
    I begin anew
    try after try
    fresh and free
    letdown after letdown
    why hasnt it been me?
    I want to be sad
    cry real hard
    not bathing, crying for days
    conversations on replay
    stomach full of butterflies
    I want to be sad
    but -
    where are all the tears I thought I had?
    I want to be sad

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