• ashestoashes 23w

    Alex one of a kind

    Your eyes like a grassy field,
    Like a lime tainted pebble under the light of the moon
    Laying near the guided path of other pebbles.
    None shine brighter,
    None look prettier
    Than yours
    Lime tainted pebble.

    Above the guided path, is a small bridge,
    A stone, robust bridge,
    The silent waves, gently crashing together
    The scene.
    Is blue.
    Under the bridge
    I may find
    A perfectly, shimmering,
    An ocean blue, a sky blue.

    Smell, touch taste,
    I'm sure I could pick you out of a crowd
    Even without your
    Strawberry blonde hair.
    Like lemonade fusing together with a tainted strawberry.
    Like a rose and a daffodil
    Like the sun and mercury
    I could smell the pina colada from miles away
    And I could tell it was you
    By just what you say

    A tainted lime pebble
    An ocean of blue
    A sky blue.
    Roses and daffodils.
    Your one of a kind
    Alex wonakin. "