• gold__illusionist360 10w

    Cry Of The Banshee

    "Wake the f**k up", are the words that echoes in my head as the fathomless banshees relentlessly screams where I wished the voices would just STFU but they wail, saying I can't have my sins be redeemed. Give me a glimpse of light for my sight to gleam because my life feels like a work of fiction per diem, getting lost in a dream within a dream where the fragments of the moving pictures are nothing as it seems. The blueprints of my design are being brought up far from the truth as I've embraced this wicked scheme, trying to paint a new depiction with a meticulous silver lining to complete my magnum opus theme. With the right set of regime, time can rebuild the broken pieces of my lost self-esteem before the pandemonium becomes direly extreme.