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    (partially inspired by Browning's "The last Ride Together")

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    Let's walk hand in hand -
    //A short stroll, a few hundred
    steps, is what I need//

    Fate hasn't been kind.
    My greatest fear has come true.
    It's time to depart.

    //I was a poor child
    with a malnourished body
    and a famished soul//

    I don't know what you
    saw in me, but your presence
    changed my barren life.

    I thought luck had smiled
    at me and everything was
    going to be fine.

    //But I am a jinxed
    soul and most of my dreams are
    too good to come true//

    The hurdles of class
    that separate us are a
    bit too high to cross.

    I was hopeful but
    lady luck deserted me.
    It always does so.

    Will you please grant me
    a small wish before I walk
    into a black hole?

    Those few hundred yards
    together would be my last
    pleasant memory.