• fkarathore 45w

    He: Being So Open & Out There?
    Aren't You Afraid That It Puts You In A Vulnerable Position?
    She: Only If I Think Of Myself As A Woman Before A Human & Judge Myself Before The Society Does.
    He: What Does That Even Mean?
    She: What's There To Hide? Me Having Flings? Me Having Casual Sex? Trust Me, I Saw A Lot Of Women Who Do The Same Under The Hood And Some Crazy Shit Ass Lover Comes Up & Blows The Whistle While Those Women Act All Holy Mother Mary.
    And Then Get Bashed & They Got To Cry A Lot And Justify And Get Sympathy To Get Back In The Normal Phase.
    He: So Basically What You're Doing?
    She: I Am Avoiding The Drama, Shortening The Length & Time Of Others To Judgement My Choices.
    I Am Just Out There Doing My Things, 1000 Hates, 10 Loves & Maybe 1 Of Them Respect My Honesty.
    I Am Getting That For Being Myself. It's Healthy For My Mind & Soul. Until I Am Not Cheating Or Letting Someone Else Cheat On Their Partner, I Am Okay.
    He: But People Will Call You By Disgracing Names. What About That?
    She: They Will Just Say. But If I Get Caught Faking My Image, The Will Accuse & I Will Certified As Lier & Disloyal & Dishonest Hoe & Bitch.
    He: And Now?
    She: They Will Just Call Me Hoe Or Bitch. I Am Cutting The Stress Of Getting Too Many Honouring Names To Be Called By!