• jynxfrostbyte 5w

    My Story

    It's been a long five years
    but I made it out alive.
    Five years ago,
    I had tried to take my life.
    There was so much pain and fear,
    and I didn't want to suffer anymore...
    But I made it this far with my life in my hands
    and learned who to live for.
    I finally got into therapy
    and started taking medication this year
    and I've since decided to live the life I dreamed of
    because I want to be better.
    I know it's hard and I know it may seem impossible,
    but let me tell you something from me to you,
    the dark will break into dawn
    and you will make it through.
    Life may not be easy,
    but it is worth living.
    I hope you read this and decide to get help
    and truly start living, not just surviving.