• alxndr_ 6w


    On the hill top haven; newly entered,
    Stood my unnatural lover and I.
    We looked back at the land our hearts did centered.
    Of unconscious souls who forgot to die;
    An unseen presence above the sky,
    For who the good can always rely.
    For a wrongful person who is looked upon,
    Be it acts or thoughts or appearance frowned on
    Be forced with fear to abandon their unicorn.
    In this odd land where ghost rule the living.

    Joy with a hint of sadness as we look back
    A home that has been left unwillingly;
    Our family, our friends and all our people,
    Existing on, as the past protects hauntingly.
    Left in a land of plastic happiness.

    Spirits that survives on the lives they controlled.
    Stretching our wings we broke from the hold.
    As we looked on back, we hope to see more,
    Break free from the valley and into the skies will soar.