• himcliffsofficial 10w

    Is it?

    Ok it's serious now
    I can't talk
    It's just long walks
    Life is kinda sorted
    But nothing seems important

    I'm na just write everyday
    Or else I'm going insane

    It's not like I'm depressed
    It's just that I think too much
    Too many times this has been said
    Just feels like a hutch

    A hutch that's locked
    And all I can do inside
    Is imagine what's outside
    Belive or not I'm not really depressed

    Idk where you draw the line
    But for me I'm doing just fine
    Never lived that life
    Living the low kind

    Strings of my guitar
    Still since I learnt how to play them
    The thing is that I don't know
    If you'd like the sound or not
    Cause I've never been out of the box

    As I said I try to imagine
    Whatever it is in the frame hanging
    All you read was just a hard guess
    Cause I think it's the same outside
    Is it?