• ngaipibulte 11w

    Be my sunflower

    Don't shed your tears in hopeless thoughts,
    I'm here waiting for you,
    Come soon dear,before dawn,
    Tell me stories of summer clouds,
    When you and i stay apart,
    Write me notes of Fairytales;
    Of how you and I met amidst the blue..

    Sing me a lullaby when i can't sleep,
    I care not the rhythm nor the tune,
    As long as it's your voice..
    Play me the best music you've heard of,
    Comfort me with verses of your poetry..
    Catch me fireflies on summer nights
    Let's blend in with the nature's gift.

    Build us a cozy home,in the woods,
    We'll grow Cherries and peaches,
    And walk beside it when May comes..
    I'll make you morning coffees,
    We'll read books all day long,
    And make fire when it rains,
    I'll write you little notes.

    And when you walk miles away from home,
    Read me stories through the phone.
    Teach me the art of being patient;
    So i could wait a little longer more..
    Write a song for me while you stay,
    Embrace me through your prayers,
    Give me directions,be my Sunflower