• alivadutta 5w

    A Girl who still loves Barbie

    I wish I could still believe fully that life is all about Barbie castles,
    The only dream of life was to purchase a Barbie Doll house.
    Never asked Baba for it because it was not in our reach back then.
    The costliest showroom in town gave me a satisfactory view of my beloved doll house.
    Every Sunday 8pm was reserved for Barbie shows,
    And if by chance the lights betrayed,waiting for it under the dim light of lantern till the time of the show is over was must.
    Dancing with joy when Barbie finally tackles all problems..
    And yes I still have the first Barbie doll I got as gift
    Ohh, how much I still love it
    Betty is her good name with a pretty tiara.
    And yes, still didn't buy the Barbie Doll-house
    Because that I will definitely buy with my first official salary.