• sumathi 10w

    A trip to Varanasi

    I yearn for a trip to the sacred Kasi,
    Organising one may be quite easy,
    But none were willing to accompany,
    Oh god! What an irony?!

    Have not moved out of my place for long,
    Stayed stuck to the city where I belong,
    Home & office have are my routine,
    Ain't growing younger, ain't a teen!

    Children, too young for a pilgrimage,
    My parents hesitate, citing their age,
    Spouse loves to hang around with friends,
    Colleagues may agree, if I offer to spend!

    My beloved parents have agreed atlast,
    Inspite of downpour weather forecast,
    Tickets are booked for a three days' off,
    Head straight to Kasi with a laugh!

    Leave sanction at office is a big ordeal,
    Officer's pleasant mood is ideal,
    The one who's asked to hold in-charge,
    May treat me like, I'm at large!

    God! take care of my folks, and my pets,
    But for them, I have no real assets..
    God! do lead us, all through our way,
    May this be indeed, a blessed birthday!