• aartinepal 22w

    Teen pregnancy

    *Shalini* is just a 15-year-old girl who has not yet completed her school. Instead of teaching, educating her, her life was given a new direction. Shalini's elder sister Riya who had graduated. She got a marriage proposal from a big house. But the boy's family demanded Riya's parents to marry their younger daughter Shalini to their second son in the same house. Shalini's family who was very poor. They agreed to marry Shalini to the boy, knowing that the boy is 12 years older than Shalini. But not being able to bear the expenses of their daughters' marriage, they had to accept this condition. Shalini who was just a little girl. Who probably did not even know the relationship of marriage. She was forcibly tied in such a bond. After marriage, her studies were stopped and her life was limited to household chores. A few months later, Shalini became pregnant. The girl who could not yet bear responsibility for herself well. At the age of 15, she became burdened with responsibilities. A few months later, Shalini's delivery time also arrived. But Shalini could not bear the pain due to being pregnant at a young age and she died due to some complications during delivery. Shalini's journey ended here. An age in which children enjoy, play, study with friends and at such a young age, Shalini was burdened with responsibilities. Her childhood as well as her life was buried under the burden of responsibilities at the raw stage of age.