• zechre 10w

    I thought I wouldn't be in the situation where he had been through. The place where he abode to the darkness who chained his broken heart and soul. I couldn't understand how he feels then but now his tears became mine. I can finally see his sorrows cause now I live to the footprints he left, his shoe fits mine.

    I'm really confused when he wanted to cut himself so badly, thrice not twice he attempted to take his own life. I wonder how he felt when he said he felt so empty, but now I know cause I feel the same way. 

    He wanted to cut himself cause he feels nothing. He wanted to hurt himself to feel the pain that should be growing inside his heart. He wanted it as much as I want it now.

    I never thought that those words I said to comfort him were for me in the end. But those really can't help me, I can't apply them to myself.

    How did you find your way home? Can you help me find mine too?