• deepakpathania 10w

    Psuedo Spirituality

    I have offloaded,
    All my karma,
    To a machine,
    Everything am suppose to do,
    Just left with a head,
    Thinking of something,
    Which i have not felt,
    From any of my senses,
    But the memories,
    Just like a polluted pond,
    Won't let me see the surface,
    I am stripped naked,
    Floating in a space,
    A space which has nothing,
    Nothing i can do,
    My thinking brain,
    Has turned into an evil lord,
    Taking over my karma land,
    All am left with defending,
    Defending my identity,
    With my soldiers,
    Foot soldiers called memories,
    But without guns and powder,
    Which i have sold to the machines,
    Reality is so cruel,
    I have turned my trust,
    To something artificial,
    Defining it as a step,
    Leap of fate towards,
    Beyond real and its called artificial,
    And i have offloaded,
    All my karma,
    To a machine,
    Left with a head,
    Thinking how to kill my soul!