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    Good morning ,,,today I got up watching the beautiful sunrise having a cup of coffee and thought of writing something which usually relate to us.And some of content,i have taken it from the YouTube channel which I mostly follow.....
    Come let's see:)
    Have you ever had a broken heart or breakup
    Yuuupp,,,Things people say after the breakup
    1)Am a free bird
    2)i don't think he deserve me
    3) let's party
    4)I got dumped again
    5)he just my photos on instagram,,,so what does it mean (he still loves me)
    6)i am a strong independent girl.i don't need a men in my life
    7)i will concentrate on myself...i have career
    8)I think I still love him
    9)i have decided to block him from everywhere
    10)you know, I just love him
    11)i hate men,all are one and the same
    12)who needs relationship...i enjoy my own company 13)what mistake did I do that he left me
    14)can I call me??? Just casually
    15)we are now good friends
    16)i think it's all my fault.... I didn't have to react so much
    17)i don't deserve love
    18)i deserve much better....... What is he.,,,,
    19)what does he think about himself
    20)i am not going to fall in love......I am done with this.....

    Haha.......if some points are missing you can comment below :)) have a nice day ��take care @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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