• annakerrtate2019 10w

    A deathly tumour

    I appear without your notice
    I appear from deep within.
    You won't even know I'm even there
    Until I've grew into a tumour of cancerous sin.

    I'll take away your privileges
    Like once in life you had.
    I'll prey on all your weaknesses
    I'll turn every good thing into bad.

    For I am he, the devil
    Who doesn't care at all.
    I'm fearless and I'm a dangerous
    To whom I meet in their downfall.

    I'll take away their lives from them
    I'll shatter their very lifes existence.
    I'll bring to them a pain and hurt
    In my sinful acts of evils persistence.

    So be it within you to fight against me
    To battle a courageous fight.
    In which your strengths be sorely needed
    To see an end in sight.

    It'll be a fight of one of the hardest
    That you've ever had to fight.
    I'll break you down to pieces
    And make you doubt the end n sight.