• _adexiquitsaprobe_ 22w

    I'm the best, and you can't change the fact...
    It's not destined, I achieved the title...

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    I'm The Best_.

    I'm here to be the best,
    I'm here to slay,
    And, I can sacrifice anything for this ritual.
    There's no us from now on,
    Loneliness is the necessity of my life,
    A pleasure for the sake of madness,
    I seek in this massacre, no more options,
    Just one last gauntlet match,
    Bring it all, I want that throne,
    I wanna crush it with the glare of my vision,
    No mercy on the innocent beings,
    It's time to be the dark horse, once again,
    I'm not here to try, it's bullshit, so childish,
    I'm here to claim the comforts, the royalty,
    This is so lavish, as dope as a courtesy,
    As lit as a tale, a true blessing,
    Respect the phenomenology,
    Embrace the truth,
    I'm coming back to the underground,
    With the eyes all lusty, for the victory,
    With the mindset, all modified to destroy,
    There'll be no more treaties,
    Peace will have to go down,
    The war will stand tall,
    The rebellion will survive,
    Let's do it, once more time,
    Just like those good'ol days...