• dehumaneyez 9w

    Excepting Angel Eyes

    Caress me now dear solitude
    For I alone withstand
    A meeting past now present due
    Inflicted by your hand

    These days bereft of clarity
    Our faith is all but dying
    Your will is strong, your will upon
    The times they are a trying

    Corrosion strangles mother earth
    As if she's all but done
    Pandemics touch, upon her crotch
    She fights to greet the sun

    Enslaved within our paradise
    The race of humankind
    "Protect yourselves and fear the worst"
    For now we travel blind

    Is that you my dear sweet love embrace ?
    I hardly recognise
    Your beauty hidden layers deep
    Excepting angel eyes

    How absence carries tragically
    Our fate I'm left to ponder
    Is it true, with touch in lieu
    It makes the heart grow fonder ?

    For mountains high could crumble
    Turn flood to raging sea
    No god nor demons greatest
    Could break my love for thee