• prototypecavs 9w


    I have been missing you the whole day,
    Your beauty takes my breath away.

    When I'll take you out on a date,
    It will be your best one till date.

    When we'll have nothing to talk,
    I'll just hold your hand and go for a walk.

    I wish i could play with your hair,
    No matter what happens, I'll always take care.

    Your smile has that charm,
    Wish you were in my arm.

    I promise I'll fulfill what i said,
    There will be no things left unsaid.

    My one hug will take all your worries away,
    I'll always be with you even on my last day.

    You are my favorite notification,
    You are my favorite person to have conversation.

    You'll always be precious,
    And you'll always be my Auralicious.