• beyond_ur_vision 23w

    #Still waiting for justice#

    Two guys one ride
    Make stresses of life aside.
    Both were strong hearted man,
    But their way of love was like a pen.

    Nature was their third companion,
    Which always coordinates in a union.
    Beauty was with scenes,
    And they were lovable like enemy teens.

    Went to a place one day,
    But they didn't knew that was their dooms day.

    God is great
    While they always deals with everyone's fate.
    Enjoying like anything, the two guys were like the valentine's greetings.

    Suddenly they were stopped by some devils,
    And they move towards them thought it was evil.

    First scolded thought so as trespassers,
    Bur ended killing them as kidnappers.

    One of the guys screamed by calling out his identity.
    But it doesn't matters the devil's choice was entity.

    Mystery always lies with god,
    Here it was with those devils.

    But we people are bleeding anger,
    As they were innocent and we are still waiting for the revenge with dagger.......