• satyamdharia 22w

    Dearest you, say the throbs of my heart
    you're the blooming flower of my desert.
    I've just lost in you, you're my essence
    All I need is just you and your presence.

    You're like the theme of my song
    I'm just in you, and I'm not wrong.
    You're the music, which I often enjoy
    and it gives me all happiness, all joy.

    I'm the thirsty river, need your rain
    Take my heart, and dispel all my pain.
    Come to me, let me talk to your silence
    What I mean, may you have the sense!

    I don't know, why and what I feel about you
    But when I'm alone, I just think of you.
    My heart beats fastly, when you're with me
    What is it, that brings you closer to me?

    I don't listen to my heart, what it says
    But often my mind agitate, it may-
    That when you're in front, kneeling afore you
    With a rose in hand, I should say- 'I love You!'