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    A sibylline table
    Built of mahogany
    Bears a bottle
    On the selcouth body
    Emitting a Dern aura
    Labelled "THE MELANCHOLY"

    A velvety red cloth
    With threads of resilience
    Hides the disparities
    Of the dusty table
    The bottle a perfume
    Phosphenes hued
    Smells so fresh

    New emotions of grief
    Recharging it everyday
    The scent so contagious
    But so pleasant to smell
    Inspiring beautiful poetries
    Hiding the pain, betwixt lines

    But the smell you sniff
    Slowly, starts getting stale
    But that's the thing about it
    It demands to be smelled
    You fall in it's trick swiftly
    And become it's prey

    It's like the smile
    So rhapsodic, but as 
    You get near, you can see
    The load curving the lips
    The bottle diamond adorned
    But dig deeper, it's coal

    The mahogany table
    Hollow inside, from termites,
    Termites of self-doubt
    Dragging it to wear facade
    The facade of freshness
    Misleading people to
    Smell, and fall in trap

    A trap of mistook solitude
    Parting them from teeny-weeny
    Seraphic moments of life
    Suddenly, the cat of heartbreak
    Pulls the cloth of resilience
    The bottle shatters to ground
    And the smell fills the room
    Painting every wall with gloom

    Cries and shrieks rise around
    Crumpled papers in cobwebs
    But still there's a ray in attic
    Hope's my name, he says
    Someone closes the window
    And again he is lost from there.


    Just a dark (maybe) scribble of mine, I don't know which darkness around me forced me to write this.
    Well, I wrote it last week but edited it today��

    P.S.- the line "that's the thing about it, it demands to be smelled" is a modified version of the line from TFIOS by John Green.
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    Someone finally came today❤
    Me ( outside) koi ehsaan nhi kara repost kr ke
    Me (inside) jumping up and down
    Jokes apart, Thank you so much for the repost, WN ❤️✨ (1)

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    The smell of melancholy