• _arshanavp_ 10w

    "The story has no title.. Actually I don't know whether this is a story, poem, or something else..."
    She wrote her words from heart..
    There was someone she had loved a lot, loves a lot and will love a lot.
    But somewhere he dropped her in half way without saying something
    But she didn't..
    She was in a fix. "the promise i made to him.. *the true love*.. ..I don't know whether he broke it or not.... But I'm sure.... I wouldn't break it... Breaking it would break my heart..."
    Days passed, months passed,,years passed.....
    But his memories didn't... Those memories began to flow through her eyes day by day....
    The world outside her,, changed a lot...
    But the world inside her was still the same..
    The same heart, the same memories, the same pain,,,,,,,,, the same *person *