• ashleycole 6w

    You wonder in the darkness
    if she's crying all alone,
    you know deep down she's curled up
    while chills flow through her bones.
    She eases all your worries,
    she assures she'll be just fine,
    so you let her be alone for now,
    unaware she's out of time.
    Erasing all connections,
    of all the love you never gave,
    she'll write you out of vision,
    as the pen becomes her slave.
    She knows just what is needed,
    to drink away your smile,
    the whiskey on her breath reveals
    she's been drinking for a while.
    She's determined she won't matter,
    so she spreads her legs for measure,
    a needed numbness that fills her soul,
    and takes away just what you treasure.
    She's ready to let go for now,
    slicing deep into her pain,
    to end her inner suffering,
    and hop onto heavens train