• harshitchaudhary616 5w

    Innocent Trees

    I am telling about those things which still and and those who complete every single needs of every living organism from many years without hope of anything from living organism, But what we doing we cut down our future,We think it is obstacle to our societies,home,offices,apartment etc.,But trees is not obstacle we are obstacle,But they are great they always give food to him, Seriously,I have no words to describe the greatness of trees.They are real social workers and they are really deserve all the awards of social workers.We have a myth that we are devloping but when I see it from another angle we are came nearer and nearer to disaster.We have to feel every pain when trees cut out.
    If they have voice so they questioned
    Why we cut down,they have no rights
    If this called equality?
    So, I am not want equality like this
    Is you????????