• tiyachoudhary17 5w


    I hate the fact that I cry when I'm happy, frustrated, miserable, disappointed, hurt, or angry.

    But I understand now that I'm just a deeply feeling person in this world who is invulnerable to emotions.

    I cry because the rest of the world fails to listen.
    I cry because the things that torture me keep repeating.
    I cry because people around me never appreciate the things I do for them or how I'm never good enough for anyone.
    I cry because I'm afraid of failure and afraid to fall.
    I cry because I'm constantly in a state of anxiety even when life's going well.
    I cry to shut myself down and think about all the negative thoughts I could possibly think of so that I can let the water which is drowning me out.

    But take away this single trait, you take away a part of me.