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    Credits : Kim Taehyung, Song - Blue & Grey ❤️

    Happy Birthday @ak_anjali_daydreamzz ❤️❤️


    Where is my Angel .... the hazy shadow of
    my bliss...Have you left me in those sublime
    memories of our camaraderie........
    or in those colorful dreams of a nefelibata.....
    Can you see that those colours don't paint my
    happiness without you. Are you happy without me?
    Can you look at me ?
    Because I'm blue and grey.

    See how cruel time is, trying to blend us into
    that same mundane life from where we escaped once.......and then you gave me those words that
    shaped my quill....and at nights we wrote
    letters to utopia.....and stories of euphoria..

    I still have dreams of your gleaming face
    penciled like the evanescent sunset
    ebbing away into the infinity,
    Silhouette of our images embracing for the
    very first time wishing that the day never ends,
    and your hands holding a bouquet of lilies you
    once said you would trade for my smile.

    That day I might tell you a secret of this
    Sagittarius soul, and why a Blue Topaz is
    her birthstone, perhaps then you will realise
    the power of your quill, the strength of your
    heart and the dynamic woman you are.....

    I used to write before I met you, but my heart
    decided to ink after I met you.....
    and it gave life to those dead words.....
    Trivial as it sounds is where I begin,
    from frivolous to a better me.......

    You always knew the depth of my abyss,
    the tears ruining my poker face, and even
    the facade I put up to make me feel happier....
    So don't push me to live like this......
    As now this ground feels so heavier
    I'm singing by myself......
    I just wanna be happier ......
    And I need you by my side....
    Forever ........My narcissus.....

    © the97_introvert

    ~Penned on 14th December 2020

    Forgive me for writing such a boring note on your bday.
    I just want you to know that ...you are the reason, I started to write something that was worth reading..
    You made feel better when I regretted living in fantasy sometimes ....
    Please be with me forever my twin sister ♥️
    I wish I could hug you and tell you how much
    I love your pure heart ....
    I Wish I could tell you how amazing you are ...
    Thankyou for being everything that you are ...
    My Tae Tae ♥️
    My Taehyung's Heart ❤️

    - with love, Kookie ��

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    My Narcissus

    I'll trade this bouquet of narcissus
    for that day ...The day I'll meet you.
    Even if that day never comes,
    I'll still search for you in those dreams
    holding these flowers......
    waiting for my lilies.....